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“Arizonans–people famous and unknown, people just like you and your family and your is people who made the history of Arizona. What will your contribution to the history of Arizona be?” ~Julie A. Campbell

Field Trip Reviews

Field trip reports and reviews of favorite field trip destinations.

Kidding Around Playtown - Big Fun for Little Homeschoolers.

A Pioneer Field Trip - The Life and Times of Laura Ingalls Wilder.

Estrella War - Medieval Recreation Event held annually in mid-February.

KOA, Camping in the Pines - It is hard to explain to my grandchildren about family vacations in the “good old days” when we enjoyed our time even without TV, Nintendo or a cell phone. In fact, our vacation days were filled with hiking, fishing, talking or just resting (hanging out) near our cabin in the pines. By Grandma Julie.

My Desert Adventure - A 4-H CloverKid tells about his group's hike in the Spur Cross Ranch Conservation Area.

My Expedition to the Lava River Cave - This essay by a 13-year-old student was an American Museum of Natural History Young Naturalist Award Winner in 2002.

Would you like to share a field trip experience? E-mail reports/reviews to . Submissions from kids are welcome with parental permission. Please note the child's age. Thanks!

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