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“You should respect the teachers and mentors who came before you. Building upon their accomplishments saves you time, energy, and error.” ~Jayme Barrett

Credits and Acknowledgements

Arizona Edventures Logo- Arizona Edventures logo designed by Peter Olsen, based on an "Indiana Jones" theme. Thanks, Pete! Visit his web page. - Arizona public domain map courtesy of The Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection. Most maps scanned by the University of Texas Libraries and served from this web site are in the public domain. No permissions are needed to copy them. You may download them and use them as you wish.

Arizona (reference map) JPEG format (283K) Shaded relief map with state boundaries, forest cover, place names, major highways. Portion of "The National Atlas of the United States of America. General Reference", compiled by U.S. Geological Survey 2001, printed 2002. - Free Gifs and Animations. "Everything needed to build or enhance your website." That's where the animated state flag came from, as well as a few assorted buttons and bars. - Public domain photos of the Grand Canyon, from the National Park Service. - National Park Service Digital Image Archives. This site provides links to public domain digital images of national parks, monuments, historic sites and related areas. All images posted on the NPS site are free, and may be used without a copyright release from the NPS.

All other photos on the Arizona Edventures website were taken by Richard and Teri Olsen, and may NOT be used without permission.

Quotations are from the book Learning for Life: Educational Words of Wisdom.

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