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“Men love to wonder, and that is the seed of our science.” ~Ralph Waldo Emerson


Do you want to submit a field trip report, article, or review? That would be great! We’d love to share your adventures and hear about your field trip experiences.

Please follow the submission guidelines below, and e-mail your article or report to:

Note: If you would like to submit more than one article, please send each one in a separate e-mail.

Submission Guidelines

Format: Paste your article in the body of the email message (preferred method), or attach a Plain Text, RTF, or Word document.

Word Count: Any length is fine. Long articles will be posted on their own page, while short articles may be combined with others on a page.

Name: Be sure to include your name so that we can credit you as the author.

Age: Submissions from children are welcome with parental permission. Please note the child's name and age.

Bio/Byline: You may add a brief bio or short byline at the end of your article if you wish. You may also include a link to your website or e-mail address.

Photos: These are appreciated and desirable, but please send only one or two. They may be submitted in .gif, .tif or .jpg formats, and sent to the same e-mail address above.

Editing/Proofreading: Please note that in order to maintain a high level of quality and for other considerations such as space limitations, we reserve the right to re-title, modify, edit, abridge, or confirm accuracy of any material accepted for publication. Any significant alterations will be brought to your attention.

Renumeration: Sorry, we are unable to pay for your articles at this time.

Permission: Please include the following statement in your e-mail message, and put your name where it says "[your name]."

I, [your name], own the rights to this work and hereby give permission to publish it on the Knowledge House and/or Arizona Edventures website. I offer my work free of charge and understand that I will not receive any compensation for it. I also understand that I maintain the rights to my own work, which means that I may publish it elsewhere at any time.

Disclaimer: These guidelines are subject to change without notice as needs and policies develop.

Final Note: While we reserve the right to decide whether we will post your article on our website, please know that we are humbly grateful for your willingness to share your work! Thank you!

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