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Free Activity Sheets

These activity sheets are suitable for a range of ages, mostly from 1st5th grade, but a few have also been used by 9th-10th graders. You will be able to tell which ones are easy and which ones are a bit more difficult. NOTE: To download the PDF worksheets on this page, you will need Adobe Reader: click here for free download.

1. Arizona Outline Map (various geography uses)

2. Blank Page (for drawing and writing about Arizona)

3. The Happy Hiker (coloring page)

4. Arizona Hummingbirds (dot-to-dot)

5. Arizona Bats (dot-to-dot)

6. Desert Tortoise (coloring page)

7. Picnic Time! (drawing page)

8. Arizona County Map (coloring page)

9. Arizona Counties (word scramble)

10. Alphabetizing (put the counties in alphabetical order)

11. Arizona County Seats (match the counties to their county seats)

12. Arizona Squirrels (maze)

13. Cactus Garden (maze)

14. Elevation Zones (maze and math problem)

15. Saguaros (drawing/coloring page)

16. A Walk in the Desert (pick the right clothes for a desert hike)

17. Five C’s (circle the traditional five C’s of Arizona)

18. Arizona State Seal (coloring page)

19. Arizona State Quarter (coloring page)

20. Arizona State Flag (coloring page)

21. Cattle Drive (maze)

22. Arizona Alphabet (think of an Arizona term for each letter)

23. Bald Eagles in Arizona (coloring page, endangered species)

24. Compare/Contrast (essay writing)

25. Arizona City Search (word search) Arizona City Search – answers

26. Arizona Trivia Quiz (a fun multiple choice quiz)

27. Arizona Centennial (word find)

28. Arizona Acrostic (language arts)

29. Four Corners (U.S. geography)

30. Diamante (poetry, language arts)

31. Haiku (poetry, language arts)

32. Tanka (poetry, language arts)

33. Arizona Word Jumble (language arts, geography)

34. Forty Eight (coloring page)

35. Centennial (math, counting)

36. Forty Eight (math, counting)

37. United States (math, U.S. history, U.S. geography)

38. A Hundred Years Ago (essay, research, language arts)

39. Painted Desert (drawing, coloring)

40. State Song (reading comprehension, figurative language)

41. A Date to Remember (important dates in Arizona history)

42. Who Said That? (quotations, famous people)

43. Colorado River Toad (coloring page, science, nature)

44. Mount Graham Red Squirrel (coloring page, endangered species)

45. Beavers in Arizona (coloring page, nature, history)

46. Arizona Fishing (coloring page, endangered species, nature)

47. Spanish Words (language arts, culture)

48. Mexican Food (language arts, culture)

BONUS! Centennial Storybook – Tori the Tortoise Turns 100
Join Tori on her journey through Arizona, from a hatchling, to celebrating her birthday 100 years later. (Free 35-page colorfully illustrated storybook, courtesy of the Arizona Bureau of Land Management)

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