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General & Reference

“Perhaps, in the not too distant future, every Arizona home will have its own collection of Arizona books, and every Arizona citizen will have familiarity with such books.” ~Barry Goldwater Arizona (America the Beautiful Series)
This book features full color photographs, maps, fast facts, and an index. 144 pages, grades 4-8. Arizona (From Sea to Shining Sea Series)
This book discusses the geography, history, industries, and famous people of Arizona, with full color photographs. 64 pages, grades 3-5. Arizona (Hello U.S.A. Series)
This book features colorful photos, easy-to-read text, and fascinating facts. It takes you on a tour of the history, geography, people, economy, and environment of Arizona. 84 pages, grades 3-6. Arizona (One Nation Series)
This book discusses the state flag and symbols, statistics, history, land features, population makeup, historic landmarks, economy, and fascinating sites of the state. It also includes a list of famous citizens of the state and a time line of historical events.

Amazon.comArizona (Portrait of America Series)
This book provides an in-depth portrait of the state with vignettes of individuals, special events, and featured industries in addition to facts about its history, economy, and culture. 48 pages, grades 3-12. Arizona Facts and Symbols (States and Their Symbols Series)
This book presents information about the state of Arizona and its nickname, motto, and emblems. Fast Facts highlight each state’s capital city, largest city, physical size, population, natural resources, and primary manufactured goods. 24 pages, grades 3-5. What is Arizona Really Like? by Reg Manning
A humorous cartoon guide to Arizona. The book is out of print, but I recommend it if you can find it.

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