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Fictional Novels

“Perhaps, in the not too distant future, every Arizona home will have its own collection of Arizona books, and every Arizona citizen will have familiarity with such books.” ~Barry Goldwater Riders of the Purple Sage, by Zane Grey

Late in the 19th century, Jane Witherspoon, a Mormon, stands to inherit an enormous ranch along the Utah/Arizona border. Her problem is that fellow Mormon Elder Tull has plans to make her one of his wives, in which case she she would lose all rights to her land. Luckily, the lone cowboy known as Lassiter rolls into town, and faces Tull head-on. The Rainbow Trail, by Zane Grey

The sequel to Riders of the Purple Sage.If you want to find out what happened to Lassiter, Jane, and Fay after being trapped in Surprise Valley, this book will answer all of your questions in the end. Set in Utah and Tsegi Canyon, AZ.

A novel of suspense set amid the magnificent San Francisco Peaks of Northern Arizona. Abby Taylor, an English professor at Vassar College, has relocated to Arizona to address the physical challenges she faces due to polycystic kidney disease. What was intended to be a relaxing stay in the cooler climes of Flagstaff, turns into an adventurous mystery involving a stolen vintage Alfa Romeo, the 1872 Mining Law, environmental activists on the prowl, and a sweet, lost corgi dog. 100% of the author’s and publisher’s proceeds are being directed to the Arizona Kidney Foundation.

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