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Arizona History

“Perhaps, in the not too distant future, every Arizona home will have its own collection of Arizona books, and every Arizona citizen will have familiarity with such books.” ~Barry Goldwater

Children are required to study the history and geography of their state, usually in the 4th and/or 9th grades. This section recommends books, websites, and additional resources to help Arizona students accomplish this task. These are also useful for providing information to anyone else who would like to learn more about the state. The selected resources on this page will provide an enjoyable overview of Arizona history for newcomers and old-timers alike. Even native Arizonans may discover some obscure facts they didn’t already know!


Ali-Shonak: The Story Of Arizona, by Dr. Dick Buscher.

Arizona: A Cavalcade Of History, by Marshall Trimble.

Arizona: A History, by Thomas E. Sheridan.

Arizona History: Surprising Secrets About Our State’s Founding Mothers, Fathers & Kids, by Carole Marsh.

Arizona Memories, by Anne Hodges Morgan and Rennard Strickland, editors.

Arizona Pageant: A Short History Of The 48th State, by Madeline Ferrin Pare.

Roadside History Of Arizona, by Marshall Trimble.

Studies In Arizona History, by Julie A. Campbell.

The History Of Arizona, by Robert Woznicki.

Vanished Arizona: Recollections Of The Army Life Of A New England Woman, by Martha Summerhayes.


Arizona Historical Society

The Arizona Historical Society has the world’s largest collection of Arizona history artifacts, documents, and photographs. They also conduct educational programs and tours. The Arizona Historical Society was founded by the territorial legislature on Nov. 7, 1864. The Society is Arizona’s oldest cultural institution, fulfilling its mission “to collect, preserve, interpret and disseminate the history of Arizona, the West, and Northern Mexico as it pertains to Arizona.” Have a history question you want answered about Arizona and the Southwest? Click on “Ask the Historian!”

Arizona History Reference Guide

Topics include: Native Americans, Spanish Period, Wars & Battles, Settlers, Women, Politics, Crime and Criminals, Injustices, Mining, Water, Education, Historic Sites, Arizona’s Five C’s, and more. The materials consist of web pages, books, manuscripts collections, photograph collections, and more.

Arizona Heritage Traveler

Arizona. Just the name reminds us of places, people, and events that are etched into our national memory—Fort Apache, Zane Grey, Route 66, Geronimo, the OK Corral. Get to know the stories behind the names by visiting the heritage sites featured here.

ARIZONA From Prehistoric Times To The End Of The Twentieth Century

Arizona Blue Book Millennium Edition: a complete history of Arizona including a photo gallery!

Arizona History

Includes the Mexican American War, Guadlupe Hidalgo & Gadsden Purchase, Gold Rush, Apache Wars, 1861 Confederate State, 1862 Arizona Territory, Stagecoach Info, Phoenix History, Gunfighters & Colorful Characters, Cattle and Sheep, Navajo Code Talkers.

Arizona Legends

This travel site for the nostalgic and historic minded features legends and stories about Native Americans, the Old West, historic people, outlaws, ghosts, and more.

Arizona Capitol Museum

Arizona’s Road to Statehood, state symbols, teacher resource guide for Arizona Territorial and State governmental history.

Arizona State Government Kids Page

Arizona governors, history tour & timeline, natural wonders, wildlife, state facts, coloring book and word games.

Arizona Secretary of State Kids Page

Arizona facts and activities for kids and teens, including downloadable pictures for school reports.

Arizona Governors

Governors of Arizona (both Territorial and State), with footnotes and sources.


Amigos de Arizonac (

Many public, charter, private, parochial, and home schools use Arizona study materials created by Amigos de Arizonac, Inc. of Phoenix, Arizona. All of their materials were written and designed by Arizona educators and are aligned with Arizona’s social studies standards. They offer more than 50 products including student texts, teacher resources, classroom activities, Arizona Bingo, maps & charts, puzzles & games, writing exercises, tests, and computer software.

For over 30 years, Dr. Dick Buscher has been learning and teaching about Arizona’s unique and wonderful history and environment. His doctoral dissertation is the basis for the history program, “Ali-Shonak: The Story Of Arizona.” This series of ten books is perfect for school students – as well as homeschool families with children of all ages – to learn about Arizona’s history. The text is interesting and informative, the illustrations and layout are appealing – and best of all, they’re fun! As the title suggests, it’s more like reading a story about Arizona rather than a history text.

Even better, all ten individual Ali-Shonak books are now available in full color on a CD! When the student clicks on a page, the author reads the entire text aloud to the student. This works especially well for auditory learners, and allows even non-readers (adult or children) to learn all about the wonders of Arizona’s history. I highly recommend these books (in either format) for an enjoyable Arizona study.

Arizona Historical Society

The Arizona Historical Society publishes a variety of books and monographs that focus on the history of Arizona and the Southwest, from the first Spanish explorations to modern times. They also publish the quarterly Journal of Arizona History, a benefit of AHS membership at the $40 level and higher. The journal features well-written, entertaining, scholarly articles on the history of the state and region, plus photo essays and critical book reviews. The Education department has published two textbooks: Arizona Constitution and Government is an informative and entertaining high school textbook that examines Arizona’s constitution and three branches of government. $9.45 each. Teacher’s manual, $11.95 Studies in Arizona History integrates Arizona history into the American history course by focusing on local issues that illustrate national trends. Primary sources, diverse perspectives, and historians’ research techniques are emphasized. This text can be used for both high school and middle school levels. The Arizona Historical Society earned the American Association of State and Local History’s prestigious national “Award of Merit” for this outstanding textbook. Hardback copies are priced at $32.00; Soft-cover copies are available at $23.00. Discounts are available with quantity purchases. Contact the AHS Education department in Tucson at (520) 628-5774 or visit their website at

Arizona State History CD-ROM

This do-it-yourself guide to Arizona’s history is a fun learn-at-home course for self-motivated individuals. Instead of just reading text and memorizing facts, you apply critical thinking, research and writing skills to find information and prepare reports. It contains video clips and clickable web links. Topics include: state government and leaders, natural resources, economics and business, population and people, tourism and culture, inventions and technology, the state’s Christian heritage, and a historical timeline. For grades 7-12, from Alpha Omega Publications in Chandler, Arizona.

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