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Counties & County Seats

“Arizona’s greatness lies in the sum total of its geography and its peoples and their efforts from prehistoric times to come to terms with a land that makes no concessions to human beings.” ~Lawrence Clark Powell

Apache – Founded in 1879, named after the Apache Indians. At 221 miles long, Apache County is the longest county in the U.S., stretching from the Utah border to just south of Alpine, Arizona. (St. Johns)

Cochise – Founded in 1881, named after Cochise, an Apache leader. (Bisbee)

Coconino – Founded in 1891 and named after the Coconino Indians, a Hopi designation for the Havasupai and Yavapai people. Covering 18,608 sq. miles, Coconino County is Arizona’s largest county and the second largest county by land area in the 48 contiguous United States. It’s also bigger than seven states! (Flagstaff)

Gila – Founded in 1881, named after the Gila River. (Globe)

Graham – Founded in 1881, named after Mount Graham. (Safford)

Greenlee – Founded in 1909, named after Mason Greenlee, an early settler and miner. (Clifton)

La Paz – Founded in 1983, named after La Paz, an historic boomtown on the Colorado River. La paz means “the peace” in Spanish. It was the first and only county to be established after Arizona became a state. (Parker)

Maricopa – Founded in 1871, named after the Maricopa Indians. (Phoenix)

Mohave – Founded in 1864, named after the Mohave Indians, one of the Yuma tribes. (Kingman)

Navajo – Founded in 1895, named after the Navajo Indians. (Holbrook)

Pima – Founded in 1864, named after the Pima Indians. (Tucson)

Pinal – Founded in 1875, named after the Pinal Mountains (from the Spanish “stand of pines”) and the Pinal Indians (a band of Coyotero Apaches) who lived there. (Florence)

Santa Cruz – Founded in 1897, named after the Santa Cruz River. Santa Cruz County (1,237 sq. miles) is the smallest of Arizona’s 15 counties, but is larger than more than 72 countries. (Nogales)

Yavapai – Founded in 1864, named after the Yavapai Indians. (Prescott)

Yuma – Founded in 1864, named after the Yuma Indians. (Yuma)

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