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Humphrey’s Peak Climb

Posted by on July 1, 2007

My husband’s annual hike to the highest point in Arizona (12,633 ft.) had dwindled this year from 5 to 2 hikers, but both Rich and Peter made it to the top and back down again on Saturday, June 30. It was a 10-hour round trip, taking just as long coming down as it did going up. The weather can be quite changeable up there, but this time it was nice and sunny although windy near the top as usual. There is an interesting story to tell about this particular hike. A couple of weeks earlier, a group of intercessors from Arizona Call to Prayer and Bridge Builders had joined together to climb Humphreys Peak. At the summit, this group lifted the banner of the Lord and prayed over the state. They also erected a 7’ wooden cross on top of the peak, which they had carried up from the timberline. Later, the prayer team heard that someone had knocked down the cross and they were planning on sending a person from their group to raise it again on another day. In the meantime, Rich and Peter arrived and discovered the cross lying on the ground near the summit so they put it up. Rich e-mailed the organization to let them know, and the leader was very grateful. Perhaps this will start a new tradition of Christian climbers raising the cross on the mountain! (Click here to see pictures and a full report of the first cross-raising.) See below for pictures of the ascent up Humphrey’s Peak:

Humphrey 1.jpg – The San Francisco Peaks used to be one giant volcano that blew its top. You can imagine how high it once was by following the sides up until they meet at a point. Scientists estimate the original height was 16,000 ft.

Humphrey 2.jpg – Trail through the alpine forest.

Humphrey 3.jpg – Pine trees and tundra.

Humphrey 4.jpg – The trail is getting higher.

Humphrey 5.jpg – View of the San Francisco cinder cone field.

Humphrey 6.jpg – Ridge line facing Mt. Agassiz.

Humphrey 7.jpg – Approaching the summit.

Humphrey 8.jpg – Fallen cross.

Humphrey 9.jpg – Putting the cross back up.

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