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Arizona Ed Activities

“We shall not cease from exploration; and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started, and to know the place for the first time.” ~T.S. Eliot

Arizona Ed Fan Club

Are you a fan of Arizona Ed? Now you can take him wherever you go!

Arizona Ed

Click Here to download a picture of Arizona Ed to color and cut out.

Need more than one? Click Here to print two pictures per page.

Arizona Ed Outline

Arizona Ed Printable

Print and cut out the Arizona Ed reproducible, preferably on heavy card stock. If you don’t have any card stock, tape or paste an index card or thin cardboard onto the back to make the cutout more sturdy. Color Arizona Ed and add things like: hat, shoes, shirt, shorts or pants, etc. to reflect the climate of where he will be. I would highly suggest laminating it to protect against the weather and color running. Clear packing tape or Contact paper work well if a laminator isn’t available. You can punch a hole in the top and run a string through it so the cutout can be worn like a necklace. You may want to put a name and phone number on the back in case it gets lost. Arizona Ed is sized to fit perfectly in a business-size envelope for mailing to family and friends.

Arizona Ed Activity Ideas

After creating a copy of Arizona Ed, you’re ready to send him on an adventure. You can take him with you on vacation, to camp, or just show him around where you live. He might visit a museum, playground, or someplace else where you like to go. You can even mail him to a friend or relative in another state or country. Ask him or her to take a picture of himself or herself with Arizona Ed and write a note explaining their adventure.

Arizona Ed Exchange

For this activity, you will need to coordinate with a classroom, homeschool group, pen pal or family in another part of the state or across the country. To be fair, each family or group must host as least as many Arizona Eds as they send, unless they volunteer to host extra. Or if one of the groups in the exchange doesn’t have enough to allow each person to host one Arizona Ed, the lacking group may make an extra one to match the number of people on the other end. Once you’ve made the necessary arrangements, have a “Bon Voyage” party and then send your materials to the other group. Meanwhile, they will have done the same, and in a few days your students will receive a package of visiting Arizona Eds. Plan on a predetermined deadline for completing this project – such as 1-2 weeks, or a month, or a certain date. During this time period, each student will host one of the Arizona Ed guests and keep a daily journal of his adventures. Remember to take pictures! Students might also gather free or cheap souvenirs from places visited. (Ticket stubs, brochures, flyers, postcards, bookmarks, stickers, newspaper clippings, etc. – anything small that will fit in an envelope.) When you’re done, fasten together each Arizona Ed with his accompanying journal and then mail all of the Arizona Eds back home. When your students get their own Arizona Eds back, they can read the journals to find out what Arizona Ed was up to while on vacation! Arizona Ed might even return wearing clothing to match the climate of the place he visited. Don’t forget to have a “Welcome Home” party!

Adopt Arizona Ed

This is similar to the Arizona Ed exchange, but on a one-to-one basis. Children mail or give Arizona Ed to a friend, relative or someone who will adopt him for a week. The adopted Arizona Ed will then live in the new surroundings and the adopted “parent” will take pictures and keep notes on what Arizona Ed has done all week. All the material is then returned to the child so they can learn about Arizona Ed’s daily adventures through pictures, stories, and maybe even videos. Often, Arizona Ed returns with a pin or postcard from his visit. Especially creative folks may send Arizona Ed back with additional souvenirs and other mementos.

Arizona Ed’s Weekend Adventures

Create and laminate an Arizona Ed character for your classroom, and set up a blank journal to act as a record of “Arizona Ed’s Weekend Adventures.” Each weekend, award one lucky student the honor of taking home a digital camera and Arizona Ed. He or she will document their adventures together by writing journal entries and taking photographs. Whether it’s going to the store, taking a hike, watching a movie, playing sports, or visiting grandma, have students fill the journal with Arizona Ed’s weekend adventures throughout the year!

Arizona Ed’s World Adventures

If you’re lucky enough to know someone who lives in another country, you can send Arizona Ed on a trip around the world. Or maybe you know someone who will be going on an airplane trip or luxury cruise. Ask if they will take Arizona Ed along with them and record his experiences. Here are some things that you might ask them to do for you: Take pictures of children, landscapes, and buildings in other countries. Collect foreign coins and gather written materials in different languages. Photograph American products – such as Coke and McDonalds – that are found in other countries.

Exploring Communities

Kids can go on a walk through their community, taking digital pictures of Arizona Ed visiting different places such as the library, mall, park, playground, etc. Then they can use the photos to make a PowerPoint presentation about their community. They may also want to draw a map of the area, marking the places he stopped at along the way.

Arizona Ed News

Report on Arizona Ed’s adventures in the form of a newspaper or newsletter. Include photos with captions. Don’t forget to answer the 5 W’s of journalism: Who? What? When? Where? Why? and How? Most news stories begin with the most important information in the first paragraph. This “lead” is intended to make the reader keep reading because they want to learn more. The rest of the story states the details, including quotes from people involved. The final paragraph concludes the story and summarizes key information. Make up clever story headlines, using the present tense with a few action words. You might also make a video of a newscast in which you play the part of a reporter.

Fashion Design and Historic Costumes

Create your own outfits for Arizona Ed! Make pants and shirts with tabs that can be wrapped around to hold them on. Or cover Arizona Ed with clear contact paper and attach his clothes with re-stickable adhesive. Design your own or copy styles from history books. Dress him up as a cowboy, pioneer, sheriff, astronaut, Boy Scout, soldier, football player, or even your favorite literary character. What would he wear in the winter, or at the beach, or if he were President? Use your imagination!

“Where in the World is Arizona Ed?” Game

People of all ages can have fun with this! Take a picture of Arizona Ed at some undisclosed location and see if anyone can tell where it is! If it’s too hard to guess, try giving some hints until they figure it out.

“Where’s Arizona Ed?” Game

Remember “Where’s Waldo?” Well, in this game you hide Arizona Ed somewhere so that he’s in plain sight, but camouflaged. Take a picture and see if anyone can spot him (peeking out of a pile of leaves, mixed in with a collage of similar patterns and colors, posing as part of a painting, hiding among a bunch of stuffed animals, etc.)

Arizona Ed Bookmark

Arizona Ed loves to read, and he would make a great bookmark to keep your place in whatever book you are reading!

Educational Benefits

Arizona Ed activities are a great way to encourage learning, caring, and sharing while teaching such varied subjects as geography, history, science, math, photography, and computer skills. Arizona Ed can promote language and communications through letter writing, journaling, and forum posting. By keeping a record of Arizona Ed’s adventures in their home or travels, students have an opportunity to freely share the news they care about, whether it be updates on daily activities or family excursions. An Arizona Ed project can be a great way to learn about other places and cultures. Through the Arizona Ed exchange program students can trade Arizona Ed across town, across the country, or across an ocean! This promotes global awareness and gives children a unique opportunity to learn about areas they would otherwise not be able to visit.

Did You Know…? Flat Stanley is a 1964 children’s book by Jeff Brown in which the main character, Stanley Lambchop, accidentally becomes flattened when a bulletin board falls on him. Stanley has many fun adventures while he is flat, including a trip through the mail inside an envelope. In 1995, a Canadian 3rd grade teacher named Dale Hubert found a copy of the book Flat Stanley which was obscure and nearly out of print. Inspired by a single page in the book where Stanley mails himself to a friend’s house in California, Hubert began having his students create and decorate their own Flat Stanleys for sending to people, and he set up a website tracking the results. Since then, Stanley has inspired countless schoolchildren to make their own flat character cutouts. On June 1, 2009, the Arizona Edventures website introduced its version of “Flat Stanley” with our mascot, Arizona Ed.

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