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“A mind is so made as to be elevated and cheered by a sense of far-reaching influence and usefulness.” ~Catherine Beecher


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“Thank you everyone for your kind words… they are like a cool drink of water after a harsh desert trek.” -Ed


Praises and Compliments

I just LOVE your site We have lived here for almost 4 years now and haven’t seen too much as we spent most of our time traveling back East…I am going to spend some time looking your site over to see what fun things we can do in our own backyard! Thanks for putting together this information, what a blessing!

What a wealth of info… Your web site has been extremely informative. I would say I have found a lot more information on your site, than many of the other ones… It was good to see all of the things in Arizona to do that I hadn’t thought of before. Sarah Wilson

I would just like to say your web site is wonderful. Every AZ homeschooler needs to see it! The Arizona article you did we used recently when studying about AZ. It is a great contribution to not just the homeschooling community; but to the whole community. Kelly

I read your piece on AZ history and it was very interesting. History is a favorite subject of mine, and though Ohio is far from Arizona, I’d love to visit your state someday. BTW, enjoy the skies out there, people all over the world envy the clear skies of Arizona. Thanks and take care, Jay Ryan.

I just came across your website while searching for apples + Arizona and found my business, Apple Annie’s Orchard, featured in your Arizona Apples story. Thank you for including us in your excellent article! I homeschooled my two children for 9 years, and appreciate the excellent work you are doing.The apple bread that we sell at Costco is the result of my son’s homeschooling project when he was 8 years old. He developed the recipe himself and did all of the baking until he was 12 and we started baking for Costco. When he realized that we would have to hire bakers and he would not get all of the profits any longer he negotiated for a royalty on each loaf! Keep up the good work! In Christ, Anne Holcomb, Apple Annie’s Orchard

Wow! Gorgeous site! Very educational, entertaining, & inspiring!!

This is a wonderful resource for teachers to find presenters to come to your school. On the “Learning Resources” tab you can click on “Speakers and Workshops”. I have had The Freedoms Foundation come to my school and present a Living History Presentation.

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      Please don’t hesitate to let me know if you have any questions or feedback about our article or site in general.


    2. G.Y. Xu

      “America the Beautiful” played by Brent Bailey (piano) is Great!!

      Please send me a copy of his piano music score – greatly appreciated.

    3. Chase Gentry

      Hi, I came across your site and really enjoyed it. I have my own site dedicated to finding the best business and management schools in the US and helping students find the best college to fit their needs.
      It is called Would you mind taking a look to see if you think it could be a valuable resource on your links or resources page? Any effort to post a link to my site would be greatly appreciated to help me spread the word and get some exposure. Thank you very much and I look forward to hearing back!


      Chase Gentry

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