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About this Site

“I noticed immediately a more bracing quality in the air; a clearer, bluer sky; a more buoyant note in the song of the birds; a snap and a sparkle in the air that only Arizona air has, and I said to myself, without reference to a map, that we were now HOME.” ~Barry Goldwater

The Arizona Edventures website is designed to educate people about our state and to encourage respect for all of its varied environments, while showcasing field trip destinations of interest to families, students, teachers, and the general public.

A Note From Teri

I’ve lived in Arizona for over 35 years. It was in July of 1976 when my family moved “Out West.” I will never forget stepping off the plane at Sky Harbor Airport in the middle of July. Having been born and raised near Buffalo NY, the heat actually felt good – like I was finally getting thawed out! I knew then that this was my kind of place. The deserts and mountains of the Southwest looked very different from the woods and fields “Back East.” Already an avid rock collector, outdoor enthusiast, and lover of Indian lore, I couldn’t wait to explore the Grand Canyon State.

Arizona was still fairly undeveloped in the 1970’s. My family and I visited most of the major tourist attractions during those years. I attended Powell Jr. High, Mesa High School, and graduated from Westwood. Then in the 1980’s, with my husband-to-be (who had moved from Boston to Phoenix in 1973), I spent a lot of time exploring every corner of the state. This included hiking in the wilderness, climbing mountains, rafting down rivers, and four-wheel driving on primitive back roads. Both of us were awe-struck by the unique beauty, diversity, and history of this great state.

In Arizona, you can gaze at the San Francisco Peaks just as the Hopi have done for centuries. On a visit to the Grand Canyon, think back to when John Wesley Powell embarked on his first expedition down the Colorado River. Thrill to the same breathtaking view from the Mogollon Rim that captivated Army wife Martha Summerhayes when she traveled Crook’s Trail in 1874. Imagine what Phoenix must have looked like when the Hohokam were cultivating fields alongside their canals. Walk in the footsteps of Marcos de Niza, Francisco Coronado, Father Kino, and others.

While not officially native Arizonans, my husband Richard and I have lived here for most of our lives now. I’m happy to say that our children are Arizona natives. Rich and I enjoy showing them all of the places around the state that we used to visit. As lifelong learners ourselves, we know there is no better way to learn about anything than to personally experience it. This can mean venturing off the beaten path and getting dusty, dirty, wet, tired, and thirsty. As Ms. Frizzle says, “Take chances, make mistakes, get messy!” In fact, it’s often the most challenging journeys that turn out to be the most memorable.

Whether you’re a newcomer or native, and no matter what you’re interested in, Arizona has something for everyone. There are some places that you may have known about for a long time, and other places which you may have never even heard of. After all these years, I still keep finding new places to discover! So please let me know if there is another interesting field trip destination that you are aware of which is not listed on this site. I don’t always have time to reply to every e-mail, but I read each one and would love to hear from you!

Sincerely, Teri

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